The budget process has returned to the old channel

To increase government spending is proposed through development institutionsLast night, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held the first meeting of the Federal target programs in the 211 budget. Set out the main priorities of the budget policy for the next year: a relatively hard ruble, the refusal to increase the Federal program and targeting of public investments "development institutions". Named three new major Federal program transformed the Housing programme, a comprehensive reform of housing and communal services, the program of development of education. "Innovation" and "modernization" in the open part of the meeting was not mentioned.Yesterday Vladimir Putin has held the first in the budget cycle meeting with agencies on matters of the budget process in 21. In fact, the preparation of the budget for 211-213 has already started in February, but have not yet named even key priorities of fiscal policy, there is no data on what the budget will be based macroeconomic forecast suggests the government to increase or reduce government spending. Additional uncertainty into the situation makes stated Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin in February, the initiative, supported by Vladimir Putin, is the transition from the concept of the Federal target program "long-term target programs". Читать полностью -->

Lawmaking in the field of Church relations – a combination of preferences and discriminatory acts

The report of the Moscow Helsinki group, human Rights in the Russian Federation. The head of the Freedom of opinion, conscience and religion (part 1, excerpt)Pseudo-scientific justification of religious politics is of great importance in relation to lawmaking and enforcement.In the Russian Federation at the state level, the justification of religious policy by the Department of religious studies of the Russian Academy of state service (rags) under the RF President, Center for strategic research of the Volga Federal district (SRC PFD), a number of law enforcement institutions.In 21 and 23, Department of religious studies of the Russian Academy of public service under order of the President of the Russian Federation were written by two projects: the concept of state-Church relations and the concept of religious politics. Both projects have been critically assessed by independent experts, because they give priority to religious politics over human rights and contain justification of privileges for traditional religions. And the last project of the Concept of religious politics, moreover, implies the justification of restrictions on non-traditional religions under the pretext of combating religious extremism.In the same spirit maintained study guides, teaching materials, theses and scientific conference. Of particular concern is the training of government officials responsible for religious Affairs in the regions of the Russian Federation and regularly improve their qualification at the Department of religious studies of the Russian Academy of public service under the RF President. Obviously, such training to a large extent determines the violation of the rights of believers and religious associations.A project of the Center for strategic studies of the Volga Federal district (SRC PFD) Russian Islam (2 — 22) was implemented in secret from the public and was intended only for officials of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. Читать полностью -->

Russia is on the top five

Russia on a number of economic indicators became the leader among the countries of the "Big eight". . . . . . Читать полностью -->


Michael ShanksMutating viruses, and it's scary, deadly dangerous to human health. But far worse than the obvious fact the last time that mutate people, knowingly or recklessly changing its own nature.Scientists say a lot about the virulence of influenza - avian, swine... Virulence - the ability to spread rapidly, infecting all new objects and areas. The virus adapts to the situation and finds weak spots that can be absorbed and suppress all a defense mechanism. It is noteworthy that virulence is a quantitative feature, so the number of pathogens is possible to measure and evaluate the degree of hazard.Less visible and measurable, "the virulence of evil", which warned Jean Baudrillard. The philosopher spoke about new forms of Evil in which it comes to the surface: "all modern media have the viral power and their virulence catching public life; "AIDS, terrorism, economic collapse, electronic viruses captured the collective imagination" (J. Читать полностью -->

Most importantly poverty, and gas prices. The rest will have to wait.

They plunged into a prolonged crisis the world has high anxiety. Any careless action of the government may lead to unrest, as it was recently in Lithuania. For this reason, the first person States pay special attention to the fight against poverty and prices that are reflected in the contents of articles in the press. In the EU these have to deal with gas.The recent gas crisis, which had endangered the heating season in Eastern Europe, showed how much depends on the European Union from one source of energy, writes in the magazine "the Providence journal" (The Providence Journal) Professor Matthew Auer (Matthew R. Auer). According to him, recent events have shown that the EU needs alternative sources of energy even more than the US.The author analyzes the EU's ability to use energy from the wind and sun, but with emphasis on the possibilities of biogas production.Southern countries of the EU rice is grown, and a large quantity of rice husk is not used. Читать полностью -->

The crisis has affected every third

The situation on the labour market is a growing concern among Russians. According to the survey "Levada-center", in January 29 the number of unemployed has doubled. A third of respondents noted that the enterprises where they work, are abbreviations, and salaries or reducethey withstand. Recruiters give a first positive "reports from the field": in January compared with December, the number of vacancies financiers rose by about 1-15%.Analytical center "Levada" conducted a survey, the results of which showed that in January 29, increased the number of unemployed Russians. Themselves to be called by 8%. This is almost two times more than before the crisis. Читать полностью -->

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